HelpSmith 3 is Released

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Divcom Software announces the release of HelpSmith 3. This version of the popular help authoring tool introduces new features such as a possibility to create topic Templates, use text Variables both in the built-in word processor and almost everywhere in the entire help project.

There is also a new customizable Breadcrumbs object which is replaced in the compiled help system with the location of the selected help topic in the Table of Contents. Depending on the settings of the Breadcrumbs placeholder and structure of your help system, the path can also include clickable hyperlinks for easier navigation through the parent chapters.

HelpSmith Main Window

Another great feature of HelpSmith 3 is the ability to create permanent topic headers that are not scrolled with the topic’s main content. Such a header or Non-scrolling Area usually contains the topic’s title and navigation elements. The Non-scrolling Area works in the HTML Help as well as in Web Help output help format. Unlike other help authoring tools, the developers of HelpSmith continue to follow the “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” principle, so the Non-scrolling Area can be easily added for a template or for an individual topic directly in the HelpSmith’s built-in word processor.

The developers have also added new possibilities making it quite easy to provide a Context-sensitive Web Help system for your web application. A Web Help system generated with HelpSmith contains built-in scripts that process URL parameters for displaying a specific help topic. So you can simply add hyperlinks from your web application to specific help topics of your Web Help system and such a link will display the required topic and save all the navigation frames. Moreover, the topic displayed will be found and highlighted in the Table of Contents.

There are also other new possibilities added in the new HelpSmith release. You can read the full list of new features and improvements in the blog of the HelpSmith team. Or, you can visit the HelpSmith’s official website and download the latest version of this great product.

Download the latest version of HelpSmith!
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HelpSmith 3 is Released

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