HelpSmith 3.4 Enables Integration of Help Systems with YouTube and Google Analytics

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Divcom Software recently released HelpSmith 3.4, a new version of the help authoring tool for software developers and technical writers. The new HelpSmith update allows users of the product to easily integrate their help systems with popular Internet services. Now the user can insert custom HTML code directly into help topics or topic templates, which provides almost unlimited possibilities to tech writers. Thus, you can insert video directly from YouTube, add Google Analytics tracking code to your help systems, or use JavaScript.

The new release of HelpSmith, a help authoring tool known for its powerful features which are combined with an easy-to-use interface and slight learning curve, introduces new possibilities. One of the main features implemented in HelpSmith 3.4 is the ability to insert custom HTML code into any place of a help topic or topic template, which provides many new possibilities to help writers. Thus, a user of HelpSmith can easily integrate video clips located on any video hosting including YouTube. Another use of the new feature is adding Google Analytics tracking code into your Web Help system, so you can get statistical information about the visitors. Of course, these are not the only cases where the new HTML insertion functionality can be applied.

Since HelpSmith 3.4 it becomes possible to easily generate SEO-friendly URLs for help topics, which are based on the values of topic textual identifiers. This is very important because modern search engines including Google take into account keywords in URLs for ranking pages in search results. The new feature is completely automatic and activated on new help projects by default; on existing help projects you should simply enable the appropriate project option.

HelpSmith 3.4 also includes other enhancements. Now HelpSmith users are able to automate creation of their help systems, thanks to the command line support. For example, if your team prefer to automate the process of creating product builds, help files can also be created automatically: the command line parameters allow you to specify the output help format (HTML Help or Web Help, for example), select the output directory, and even override values of variables used in the help project. Thus, the given feature can save much of the time spent on creating product builds.

“In this HelpSmith update we’ve added features that give new possibilities to software developers and technical writers, who create help systems for their products. Now you can easily insert video into help files from YouTube or similar services. We’ve also implemented other useful features requested by many HelpSmith users. As a result, HelpSmith has practically everything needed for quick and easy creation of high quality help systems,” said Eugene Ivanov, Divcom Software.

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